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Who we are and what we do

Software for team collaboration

Seibert Media today employs around 185 talented people in Germany and the USA. We develop and distribute software to improve teamwork within organizations. Since 1996, we have been trying to inspire our customers with self-organization, personal responsibility and agile process models such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. Over 75 percent of DAX corporations and companies in all industries are among our customer list. We also live agility through and through at the corporate level. In 2019, our company generated over 40 million USD and has been profitable and completely self-financed for years.

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Linchpin – Confluence-based Social Intranet

The Intranet is a central contact point for news, dates and announcements. Linchpin is the hub of daily collaboration across locations and can be fully personalized.

Atlassian software – Server, Data Center, Cloud

As one of the largest Atlassian partners worldwide, we offer special services and worry-free solutions: Product consulting, licensing, training, setup and optimization, hosting and operations.

Agile Hive – SAFe with Atlassian tools

Agile Hive implements the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as an agile scaling concept while using existing Atlassian infrastructure as the software platform.

Office Solution G Suite

As an official Google Cloud Partner we support you with the introduction of the G Suite and the implementation of applications with modern Google technologies.

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Last week Colin Helke gave a talk for @No_Cabin_Fever. This quick 9 minute video gives a great overview of what Agile Hive is and how we compare to other software in the Atlassian ecosystem.

#scaledagile #agilesoftware #confluence


For our Agile Hive customers, we have compiled a list of reasons for an agile coach during your #SAFe transformation. And a list of things you should be doing yourself. https://seibert.biz/implementsafewithapartner #atlassian #jira

We are ready to start our live Webinar "PI Planning with Agile Hive"! Join in https://seibert.biz/ahwebinarstream ! 😃🙌
#scaledagile #remotepiplanning #agilehive #safewithjira

How would you perform PI Planning during Covid-19? Which tools could help you to work remote? We will answer these questions during our webinar on Friday, March 27! Make sure you register and comment about what is the most interesting to you! https://seibert.biz/webinarremotepiplanning

Thanks for the kudos, Omer! The architects, developers, and product managers from NICE love using http://draw.io in @Confluence and @Jira. https://buff.ly/2LA3xoR

IT #infrastructure is becoming more complex, with a blended environment of server and cloud applications. Here's how you can visualize your architecture in http://draw.io #diagrams in @Confluence. https://buff.ly/2M1nioZ

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