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Social intranet with Confluence

Linchpin is a social intranet suite based on Atlassian Confluence. It combines classic management requirements for controlling, distributing and centralizing corporate information with real collaboration on content, modern knowledge management and extensive integration options. Think of it as Intranet 1.0 meets Intranet 2.0, combining them into a fully personalized collaboration platform that can be customized both visually and functionally. Linchpin will become the cockpit of your employees’ daily work, linking teams, locations and tools, all thanks to native mobile apps for iOS and Android, anytime and anywhere.


Effective Atlassian-based solutions

Of course, IT systems in organizations must also support “management goals”. However, today there is another central requirement for enterprise software: It should enable employees to collaborate more effectively, at a team level. Atlassian’s products and solutions combine both approaches: Meet the company’s need for control options as well as support the modern workplace with real, transparent, team collaboration. We here to help answer all your questions concerning your Atlassian systems: licensing, implementation, training, optimization, enhancements and operation.

Agile Hive

SAFe in Jira

Agile Hive is a solution to implement the Scaled Agile Framework, (SAFe®) as an agile scaling concept while using existing Atlassian infrastructue with Jira and Confluence as the software platform. This integration complements the conceptual SAFe concept with the technical tools to provide a hierarchical representation of all SAFe artifacts in Jira, visualization of dependencies, comprehensive reporting and automated documentation in Confluence. In this way, you create the software prerequisites for successful scaling of agile methods and processes within the company.


Modern office solutions with Google Workspace

As an official Google Cloud partner, we can help you successfully introduce the enterprise software from Google. In addition to Google’s advanced cloud-based office solutions and lean development tools, our growing dedicated team offers you a wealth of resources, tutorials and quick start guides, solution comparisons and practical tips. Our experts can help you deploy, license, train and optimize the use of Google Workspace, as well as plan and deploy applications in the Google AppEngine or other environments.

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